Hike NS invites groups across NS to partner with it on delivering winter guided snowshoe hikes in January, February and March 2018. The purpose of the event series is to:

-Get more people in NS hiking and snowshoeing
-Highlight local trails and increase their use
-Promote Hike NS and local trail groups

If you are registering more than one event, please fill out this form separately for each one. The deadline for registration of guided hikes is DECEMBER 22, 2017 for events between January 13 and March 18, 2018. Note that one organization may register **only up to five hikes**.

* 1. Organization

* 2. Main contact person name

* 3. Main contact person email address

* 4. Phone number

* 5. Mailing address (where trail prizes and information may be sent)

* 6. Town

* 7. Postal code

* 8. Trail/hike name

* 9. Trail Location (community/town)

* 10. When is the event? Please double check that you entered the date correctly.

Date between Jan. 13 and Mar. 18, 2018

* 11. What time does your event start?


* 12. Do people need to register for the hike?

* 13. Do people need to bring their own snowshoes?

* 14. Is there a cost to participate in the hike?

* 15. Trail length, return (in kilometres) - a number only

* 16. Trail difficulty level

* 17. Website (for more details on the hike)

* 18. Twitter handle and/or hashtag

* 19. Facebook page URL

* 20. Brief directions to trail (if lengthy, please provide detailed directions at a weblink instead) - no more than two sentences

* 21. Other relevant information on the hike event, if any. For example, other partners, special aspects of the hike, etc. - no more than one sentence

* 22. Do you, as the Hike Organizer, agree to the following tasks in organizing and delivering the guided hike event?
-Schedule, organize and lead the guided hike event
-Be responsible for participant safety and risk management
-Introduce Hike NS and your organization to participants before the hike
-Pass out information Hike NS provides to participants
-Following the hike, do a prize draw and give away trail prize(s)
-Report to Hike NS on event results

Hike Nova Scotia agrees to:
-Take a lead on provincial media relations/publicity for promoting the guided hikes across the province (PSAs and news release), but please publicize your event to your own membership and local networks
-Provide Hike NS pamphlets, speaking notes and other info
-Provide an info guide on organizing your hike
-Provide “trail prizes” – hiking related gear – to give away in a draw to participants
Note that Hike NS may not be able to have a representative attend your event(s) due to the large number of events and a lack of human resources.