Application Overview

Thank you for your interest in exporTT's In-Market Promotion Service. Improve your brand awareness and recognition in new markets to ensure success!
Guidelines for approved applicants:
  • Contracts committing to the provision of funds to the applicant by exporTT are required
  • Execution – A 6-month period will be allocated to complete the promotional activities outlined in the application.
  • Company Impact Assessment Reports must be submitted 5 days following the in-market promotion activity and follow-up reports for one-year.
Payment Process
  • The exporter submits the invoice to exporTT Ltd after completion of the in-market promotion activity.
  • The exporter submits proof of part payment based on the terms of the Agreement/Contract between the exporter and the Buyer or a Credit Note may be accepted.  A Credit Note may be applied in cases where payments may be due to the exporter and to offset the expense against the cost of the in-market promotional activity. 
  • exporTT grants approval of the invoice and issues the payment upon satisfactory completion of the project.
Kindly note the following Eligibility Criteria:
  • Must be a business registered in Trinidad and Tobago
  • Must be an exporter for a minimum of two (2) years- less experience will be considered on a case by case basis
  • Products and/or services must be of local origin
  • Must be a company in the identified priority sectors
  • Must have participated in Trade Missions/Fairs and/ or any in-market promotion activity commencing from October 2019 conducted by exporTT or other Business Support Organizations e.g. TTMA and TTCIC. 
As part of the application process, the exporter must supply the following documents for review by the In-Market Promotions Committee:
  • The application form for the service
  • exporTT’s Export Assessment Readiness Form (as required)
  • Full contact details of the Buyer, official company liaison and Buyer Profile
  • Evidence of the in-market promotion plan developed between the buyer and seller
  • Invoice(s)/ Proforma invoice(s)/ quotation(s) to cover the cost of the activity
  • Evidence of ability to cover any additional costs that exceed the limits of the service
  • Digital media (photos; video content etc.)
  • Evidence of sale including shipping documents and receipt
  • Company Impact Assessment Report (as required)
  • Service Experience Report (as required)
  • Proof of part payment based on the terms of the Agreement/Contract between the exporter and the Buyer or a Credit Note may be accepted
For more information, kindly email or call Ms. Melissa Williams at 868-612-3988 ext. 7893.