Shadowing Program

If you would like to participate in the shadowing program and take a larger role in e-board discussions and event planning, sign up!

* 1. Contact/Personal Information

* 2. What position would you like to shadow? (Note: you can change this later on)

* 3. Why would you like to shadow for the Society of Physics Students? (Future goals or ideas you have in mind that you would like to share)

* 4. We will have our regular meetings every two Sundays in the later afternoon (5-6:30PM). Would you be able to attend these meetings?

* 5. What type of events would you like to help in as an electron? (eg. preparing events, preparing for tabling, brainstorming for future activities, planning fundraisers,  etc.). Also include any other things you would like to do as an electron. This gives us a better idea to know how we can optimize your electron experience.