1. Your Lawsuit Abuse Experience

* 1. In which one of the following leadership roles are you completing this questionnaire? Please check the one box that corresponds to your lawsuit abuse story.

* 2. Please describe the lawsuit abuse situation the organization or municipality experienced: (up to 250 words)

* 5. Please identify the impact this situation has had on the organization or agency. Please check as many boxes below as apply to the situation.

* 6. Organization or agency name:

* 8. In what CITY and STATE is the organization or agency?

* 9. If you are describing an actual lawsuit against the organization or agency, what is the name of the plaintiff's law firm that handled the lawsuit against the organization or agency?

* 10. If possible, please tell us the name of the lead attorney or partner from the plaintiff law firm that sued the organization or agency.

* 11. In what CITY and STATE is this law firm located?