* 1. Name:

G. Grabner

* 2. Select the true statement:
The theory for accommodation (and the development of presbyopia) - that is scientifically validated is:

* 3. The correction of presbyopia is currently NOT possible by:

R. Applegate
Quality of vision evaluation

* 4. Considering the correlation between high order aberrations and visual acuity presented by Dr. Applegate:

* 5. As the pupil dilates from approximately 3 mm to 6 mm in diameter:

C. Roberts
Biomechanics of the cornea

* 6. What are the hallmarks of the biomechanical response to laser refractive surgery?

* 7. Which of the following is the greatest source of artifact in Goldmann tonometry?

J. Guell
Refractive reoperations and enhancements

* 8. Which statement is false about bioptics:

* 9. The most efficient treatment for epithelial ingrowth after LASIK is:

V. Katsanevaki
Non-optical complications of LASIK and corneal surgery

* 10. The treatment of DLK stage 3 consists of:

* 11. Select the false statement: Flap folds…

* 12. How to avoid keratectasia?

V. Katsanevaki
Optical complications of refractive surgery

* 13. How do human eye’s optical aberrations correlate with pupil size?

* 14. Which are the major limitations of “super vision”?

R. Nuijts
Complications of phakic IOLs

* 15. Which statement is WRONG:

* 16. Which statement is RIGHT:

J. Alió
Customised ablational procedures

* 17. Wavefront information is useful for the refractive surgeon because:

* 18. The so-called aberration free (or optimized) Excimer laser treatments:

* 19. Corneal wavefront treatments should be indicated when: