Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about small groups!

There are a lot of ways to organize small groups within a congregation. What works well to create community in one church may not be helpful at another. With that in mind, we created this survey to gauge interest in small groups.  Your thoughts and ideas will be very helpful as we look to continue building community together.

The survey is organized around three possible ways of being involved: participating in a small group, hosting a group, and leading a group. Simply respond to which ever of these options interests you. Don’t worry: by answering these questions, you aren’t committing to anything. You are simply expressing interest!

Let's get started!

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* 1. First, can you share you name and contact information?

Question Title

* 2. What is your level of interest in participating with a group of the following types?

  Not interested Might be interested Very interested
Social justice service projects
Dinner groups
Fellowship activities
Groups with people who live near me
Book discussion
Groups formed around shared interests or affinities
Bible study
Prayer group

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* 3. Tell us a bit more about specific topics or activities you would like to see offered:

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