1. Overview of Water Rewards and Survey

Water Rewards (WR) is a new way for a community to develop a sustainable water supply. WR is a not for profit company that rewards people for using less water than their allocation and charges more to members who use more water than their allocation.

The extra money paid by members who use more water pays for the rewards of the low use members.

Members are NOT subject to water restrictions. Members who consume water beyond the sustainability level may pay more for their water. The sustainability level is calculated according to the level of water in storages, from the number of people served from a water meter and the characteristics of the dwelling.

Rewards come in the form of electronic water reward vouchers. These vouchers can only be spent on approved sustainability projects, supplies or goods. Examples are a community waste water to wetlands project, a rainwater tank or a household recycling system. Vouchers can also be "cashed" at a discount.

WR is backed by the EWater CRC, Ecos Corporation and Edentiti (www.ecoscorporation.com, www.ewatercrc.com.au, www.edentiti.com)

This survey will help us understand the best way to calculate allocations and help us understand the community concerns.

Water Rewards can apply to any metered water jurisdiction. It will be initially trialled in Canberra ACT but it can be extended to any other place with water meters.

Visit http://www.waterrewards.org to see more about the scheme