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* 1. Multifaceted Bed & Breakfast, Event Planners, & Event Center facility, looking for an “Assistant” to handle a wide various of tasks, such as: working in the office handling phones, working with our clients, event planning, staffing events, cleaning/housekeeping Bed & Breakfast rooms, preparing breakfast, general cleaning, laundry, setting up and taking down various props/table linens, etc, possible floral work, possible catering service. This position is a rather wide range of various tasks great for those who like to keep busy all the time, are easy going, and can handle hard work, remain professional under stress, self managed, and a quick learner. Shifts usually consist of lots cleaning and laundry which is about a third of the job tasks, while office work is about a third of the work, and the other third being a variety of smaller various tasks. A Part Time position is currently being offered which includes 2-4 scheduled shifts per week (DAY OPTIONS=9am start time to end anytime between 1pm-4pm depending on task load for the day); (EVENING OPTIONS=4pm start time to end anytime between 8pm-10pm depending on day); possible (SUNDAY OPTION=9am-6pm)... one may inquire additional shifts by staffing occasional events (catering, set up of events, etc) if needing extra hours, Flexibility is a huge plus. Office is based in American Fork (Utah County). Training wage starts at $10/hr for the first 90 days, then moves up to $12/hr after training, then gradually to as much as $13-$14/hr after your first year then on up for future loyalty and gained experience.... *generous raises will be offered based on what your skills/talents are worth, performance, accuracy as a quick learner, and your overall pace... "If" you are a really hard worker, multi-tasker, creative, can generally work at a fast pace, can be self-managed, and a self-motivator... This job is for you! We would love to hear more about you, and what you have to offer us.


* 2. Tell us about yourself:

* 3. Why do you want this Job?  What sets you apart?  Please list your experience... skills... or why you feel you are best qualified for this position. 

* 4. Rate your skills & abilities (although some may or may not be applicable to the job you are applying for):

  Excellent~Feel Confident Great~Need more training Good~Willing to Learn Fair~Needs Improvement Poor~Not a good idea
Office skills (Phones, Computer)
Communications (Phone/texting)
Social Skills/Personality
Sales Skills
Creativity/Eye for Details
Moderate Lifting
Cleaning Skills
Self-Managed & Motivated
Being On Time
100% Reliable

* 5. How many hours do you want on a regular basis?   Please also describe/comment on needed hours below.

* 6. What hours do you prefer or are available for work? (select all that apply)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Early Mornings (7AM-9AM)
Mornings (9AM-1PM)
Early Afternoons (1-4PM)
Evenings (4PM-8PM)
Late Evenings (8PM-10PM)
Very Late Nights/Very Early Mornings

* 7. Please describe your availability and flexibility in more detail... Perhaps days/shifts you prefer to work, days/shifts you are not available.... school, other job, seasonal obligations and such.

* 8. How long do you see yourself working for Wedding Dreamer?

* 9. When can you start?

**THANK YOU** For your participation.

Don't forget to e-mail your resume to: sales@weddingdreamer.com