* 1. How would you rate the workshop today

* 2. Did you get what you hoped out of today's session? Please explain if you want to

* 3. Before this session what did you think about using YT as a tool for teaching and learning?

* 4. How well did this session teach you about the basic technical skills for searching and saving YT videos?

* 5. How well did this session teach you about the critical thinking skills for considering the authorship of YT videos?

* 6. Have you changed the way you think about YouTube after this session? Can you say in what ways and why?

* 7. Do you think you will use YT as a resource for your learning in the future? How? Why?

* 8. What are the main benefits and risks you see associated with the use of YT as a resource for learning?

* 9. Is there any more about YT for teaching and learning we should have covered in this workshop but didn’t?

* 10. Do you have any further thoughts on the subject?