Please help us make your theatre experience showstopping by answering the following questions:

* 1. How did you FIRST learn of PCT?

* 2. Which of the following advertisements for PCT have you seen? Please select all that apply.

* 3. How many PCT shows do you typically attend in a season (Jan.-Dec.)?

* 4. What is your favorite category of theatre offering?

* 5. If you have attended a PCT show before, how would you rate value for the ticket price?

* 6. What of the following would most inspire you to attend PCT theatre events more frequently?

* 7. Approximately where in the Central Ohio area do you live? (Please select closest location.)

* 8. How would you rate the quality of the PCT events you have attended?

* 9. Please provide us with your full name if you would like to be entered in this month's drawing as a "Thank You!" for completing this survey.