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* 1. For the Chocolate SQUARES Flavors below, please rank how likely you are to buy each flavor.

  Definitely Would NOT Buy Probably Would NOT Buy Might Or Might Not Buy Probably Would Buy Definitely Would Buy
Honeycomb: Dark Chocolate with Crunchy Honeycomb Pieces
Dark Spicy Toffee: Dark Chocolate with Cayenne Pepper and Toffee Pieces
Crème Brulee: Milk Chocolate Shell with Smooth Crème Brulee Filling and Bits of Deeply Caramelized Sugar Pieces
Pistachio: Milk Chocolate Shell with Pistachio Flavored Filling and Crunchy Pistachio and Toffee Pieces
Milk Spicy Toffee: Milk Chocolate with Cayenne Pepper and Toffee Pieces
Maple Cookie:  Milk Chocolate with Maple Sugar Crystals and Cookie Pieces
Coconut Macaroon: Dark Chocolate Shell with White Coconut Cream Filling and Shredded Coconut Flakes
Lemon Cream: White Chocolate with Lemon Pieces
Coconut: Dark Chocolate Shell with Sweet Coconut Filling and Toasted Coconut Flakes
S’Mores: Milk Chocolate Shell with Creamy White Filling with Bits of Fluffy Marshmallows and Crunchy Graham Cracker Pieces
Green Tea: Milk Chocolate Shell with a Creamy Green Tea Filling
Strawberies’n’Cream: White Chocolate with Sweet Strawberry Pieces
Edamame: Dark Chocolate with the Salty Crunch of Toasted Edamame Pieces
Chai: Milk Chocolate Shell with Creamy Chocolate Chai Filling
Piña Colada: Sweet Dark Chocolate with a Piña Colada Filling and Pineapple Bits
Cranberries & Cashews: Milk Chocolate Shell with Sweet-Tart Cranberries and the Salty Crunch of Roasted Cashews