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You have the potential to reach over 4000 female entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizational leaders plus more!

My stats after six months were 26,700 total listens. Got reach???!

***** Allow 20-to-30 minutes to complete this application. *****

What a great decision you're making to propose being a guest on "Idea Success With Sylvia", my eWN Radio Network program that focuses on getting female entrepreneurs and leaders out of their heads and into action with their ideas, goals, dreams, and plans...for profit and purpose.

You can learn more about the program at http://ewnradionetwork.com/show/idea-success/.

If you...
(1.) Have an idea / dream / goal - a big one - that you've put into action and made a reality, or
(2.) Serve people in some way to help THEM implement their ideas / dreams / goals,
...then I'd like to hear from you and consider you for a guest interview placement on my program.

Examples of the types of experiences / expertise that fit for me (NOT all-inclusive; yours may also fit when I consider your description):
- developed a product to market
- created a service people are using
- started a non-profit or initiated a social cause you've put into action
- written a book and are selling it
- started a business (or significantly grown a network marketing or franchise business)
- composed a song or musical piece that an artist sings or a band / orchestra plays
- invented something you've patented and marketed
- improved on or added to something that already existed and made it better
- had an idea at work and moved your idea to completion.

You are a/an
- book coach
- business plan writer
- media producer (music, video, movie, television, etc.)
- systems or strategy consultant
- attorney specializing in intellectual property protection or business structure / development / exit
- software application developer / consultant (includes mobile apps)
- technology expert
- marketing, sales, or PR expert
- business, non-profit, or association coach
- service provider to businesses or non-profits
- network marketer with hundreds of people in your organization.

You may be so much more not on this list!

"Idea Success With Sylvia!" is a 60-minute program. I broadcast live on Mondays, 1:00pm-2:00pm Eastern Time. On occasion I can pre-record a program if we have to. You may be my only guest for the entire hour, or one of two guests for 30 minutes. I conduct interviews as conversations in a talk-show style format. When live, listeners may call-in and ask questions.

Completing this application does not guarantee a guest interview placement. This application lets me know of your interest, helps me see where I might place you in my programming, and tells me a little about you so that I can make some initial decisions.

Please be as thorough as you can in letting me know why you feel you are a great fit for "Idea Success With Sylvia!
Thank you for your inquiry!
Sylvia Henderson

* 1. Please enter your contact information here.

* 2. Describe the idea, dream, or goal you've implemented -or- the nature of your expertise.

What's your niche? Who are your ideal clients? Who do you most want to reach? How did your idea impact your intended (or unintended) target? What was your "before", and then "after" situation? What was your uniqueness that you made "it" happen? How are you different in helping others realize their dreams, goals, ideas, intentions?

Be as thorough as you can so that it's clear to me how you are a great fit as my featured guest.

* 3. Describe your marketing and promotional capacity.
If you are a guest on my program, I expect you to promote your appearance to your "tribe".

* 4. Outline how you envision "your" program might flow. You'll have approximately four 11-minute segments in which to talk. Consider these questions:
- How will your topic flow with the focus of my program - getting clear about, strategizing, taking action on, being accountable to action plans, and implementing ideas.
- What's your compelling idea implementation story?
- Suggest a title for your segment.
- Identify key points listeners will take away from our interview.
- What impact have you had with your idea or your expertise?

- As you envision the flow of the program, what would you suggest I ask you about for:
> Segment #1 (Typically the "capture listeners' attention" part of the program) Why should they stay tuned and listen to the entire program?
> Segment #2 - Key points?
> Segment #3 - Solid content & take-aways that listeners can immediately apply to their situations.
> Segment #4 - (Typically the place where you promote your business, products, services). What do you want to leave listeners feeling / knowing / doing?

I'll set the final program flow with your input and we'll communicate ahead of time to be sure neither of us is surprised on air. Your outline here gives me a solid picture of where we might go with your interview.

And yes...I'm making you work for this!

* 5. Will you sponsor your program, or a program that leads into or follows yours, for additional promotion?
Note: You will be responsible for providing the .MP3 audio file and/or the .PNG or .JPG graphic file (230px x 290px).

* 6. If you've gotten this far and completed all the above information, you're really serious about being a guest on "Idea Success With Sylvia!" I'm honored that you are, and will give serious attention to the hard work you've done here.

If there's anything else you'd like to tell me for consideration, you've got space below to do so.

You should hear from me within the next 7 business days RE: moving forward with an interview. I may be out of town or running my own event where it will take a few days before I can review your application. If you don't hear from me within the next 7 business days (mark your calendar!), please send me a note reminding me that you're waiting. My email is Sylvia@SpringboardTraining.com.

Thank you for taking the time and giving your attention to this! Click the "DONE" button below and you're...well...done!