1. A Survey

* 1. Which statement below do you agree with more?

* 2. Do you think "God" or a "Universal Spirit" exists?

* 3. For many folks, religion and spirituality are quite different things--while for others, they are very nearly identical. These next two questions, therefore, give you the opportunity to answer differently, based on how you feel about "religion" versus "spirituality".

Do you consider yourself religious/spiritual?

  Religious Spiritual
Yes, very.
Yes, a little.
I'm not sure.
No, not really.
No, not at all.

* 4. Do you enjoy talking about or debating religious/spiritual issues.

  Religion Spirituality
Yes, love it!
Yes, from time to time.
Meh, I can take it or leave it.
No, not really.
No, absolutely not!

* 5. Overall, do you think the world is better-off or worse-off with organized religion?

* 6. As science continues to probe and understand consciousness, emotions, moral impulses, and other complex characteristics of human beings--do you think this understanding enhances or diminishes the meaningfulness of life?

* 7. Which word would you use in describing your political views to a friend?

* 8. Now for the biggie, what do you consider to be “the meaning of life”?

* 9. Three Word Challenge! — Based on your answer above, try to condense “the meaning of life” into three words or fewer.

* 10. If you would like to be periodically informed of the results of this survey, leave your email address below (it will ONLY be used to send results of this survey). When results are reported or referenced on Meaning o' Life blog, your email will NEVER be used.