This is a survey to gather your thoughts and ideas as an artist around the practice of bartering. Your feedback is invaluable in contributing to a feasibility study in regards to setting up a barter system for artists in Australia.

* 1. Are you a practicing artist?

* 2. Do you earn a financial income from your art making?

* 3. How do you currently resource your living expenses?

* 4. What is bartering to you?

* 5. Have you ever bartered for skills, good or services?

* 6. As a practicing artist can you see a use for bartering in your life?

* 7. Nominate the number of skills, goods or services you currently possess that you would be able to barter with.

* 8. Bartering is...

* 9. I would be willing to barter with...

* 10. I would be interested to know how bartering could support my art and life