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Back in 2012, the Battle River Watershed Alliance identified 12 components to be addressed through our watershed management planning process. These components are shown in the image below. Since 2012, we've developed management recommendations for two of these components (drought adaptation and management and non-point source pollution management). Two additional components are currently underway (riparian areas management and source water protection).

Watershed Management Components

Watershed Management Components
Now we want your input on which components we should work on next. We want to make sure we're tackling the issues that matter most to the people who live, work and play in our watersheds.

All of the components will be addressed at some point, but your input will help us to determine the order in which they are completed. Answer the question below to tell us what you think the top priorities for watershed management should be over the next few years.

* 1. Please select your top THREE priorities for watershed management planning in the Battle River and Sounding Creek watersheds of Alberta.

* 2. Are there other priority areas (not included above) that you think need to be addressed? If so, what are they?

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