Welcoming Your Input

Thank you for taking this survey to help us review some of our new name options, and support us to make a decision by the end of 2018! This survey represents yet another update and effort to meet our January, 2019 due date for identifying a new name!

At this point, we have eliminated 'Real Life Connections' from consideration, as many were connecting it to a dating website. We also recently learned that the Brattleboro Retreat in Vermont uses the acronym ALSA to refer to 'Adult Low Stimulation Area' which means that a lot of people in our local area associate the word with confinement and restraint. For that reason, we have also taken that option out of the mix. But we've added a few others.

Keep the input coming!

A recap on just a few of the reasons why we are wanting to change our name: Many people are confused by 'recovery' in our name, and think we must be focused primarily on problems with substance use

Many of us have very mixed feelings about the word 'recovery', including the idea that there is anything we necessarily want to 'recover'
People frequently mix up 'community' and 'center' and end up calling us the 'Recovery Learning Center'

Through the survey, as well as conversations with the team and beyond, we've discovered that the majority of us believe we SHOULD change our name.

As a starting point, help us know just a bit about who you are by answering a few questions below, then we will take you on to our current best options for a new name!

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* 1. Where in the world do you live?

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