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The conference will be held at Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, MI beginning Monday afternoon, April 30 and conclude after lunch on Wednesday, May 2.  Attendee registration will be available in January of 2018.

Session proposals are due by 5pm EST on Monday, October 16, 2017 in order to be considered for inclusion in the 2018 conference.

The contact person for the proposal will be notified of the status of the submission by the end of December 2017.

If you have questions about the submission process or the conference, please contact Statewide Services staff at the Library of Michigan at 517-373-1580 or

To save a copy of your program submission print each page as you move through the process. The form will not provide you with a copy after you submit.

You will need the following information to complete your submission:
- Complete contact information and a brief bio for all speakers
- Program title
- Length of program (one 45-minute session or two back-to-back sessions)
- Program description
- A minimum of three learning outcomes

The Program Committee invites you to consider the following conference tracks as you design your program proposal:
- Technology
- Services to Specific Populations (youth, seniors, job seekers, entrepreneurs, businesses, immigrants, etc.)
- Programming for Literacies (reading, information, digital, cultural, etc.)
- Community Engagement and Collaboration
- Administration & Management

*Others will be added

Presenters will be required to:
- Provide an electronic copy of session materials by April 1, 2018 that will be provided to all conference attendees.

The Library of Michigan will provide LEAD presenters (person that submitted the program proposal) with:
- Full conference registration and one night’s lodging at the Grand Traverse Resort or other hotel accommodation up to the state rate of $75 per night.

Selection Criteria:
Program selection is a peer-reviewed process. The Program Committee will evaluate the content of your proposal for relevance to the conference tracks, clarity, originality, and timeliness. The experience and qualifications of presenter(s) will also be considered.

Please note that proposals with significant incomplete information will not be considered.

A program may not be an advertisement for a vendor or solely a demonstration of a product/service. Specific product/services may be used or described only if essential for a correct understanding of the topic being presented. Library staff currently using the product/service must participate in the presentation.

The Library of Michigan reserves the right to reorganize content, combine proposals, and make other changes as necessary to render the proposal appropriate for presentation at the event.

* As you work through the survey you can edit previous responses by using the "Prev" button. Once you submit your program you can not edit the content. *

For additional information visit the conference website at