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* 1. Case Number:

* 2. Name:

* 3. I was contacted by a Victim Specialist in a timely manner

* 4. Any messages left for the Victim Specialist were promptly returned

* 5. I felt I could contact the Victim Specialist with any questions or concerns

* 6. The Victim Specialist informed you of the defendant's first court date

* 7. The Victim Specialists involved in my case were knowledgeable

* 8. I was treated with fairness, dignity, and respoect by the specialists

* 9. The specialists understood my needs

* 10. Specialists communicated with me in a way that I understood

* 11. The Specialists involved in my case were courteous

* 12. The specialist informed me of my victim's rights

* 13. I received a victim rights booklet from law enforcement or a specialist

* 14. The specialists helped make me more aware of my personal safety

* 15. I learned about available resources related to my situation

* 16. I was informed of how to sign up for offender status or release notifications through VINE

* 17. The specialist helped me understand the criminal justice process

* 18. The specialist informed me about Crime Victims Compensations program

* 19. The specialist explained the case transition to the District Attorney's Victim/Witness

* 20. I would recommend the VRT services to others

* 21. I was satisfied with my overall experience with the specialists

* 22. The resources recommended were useful/helpful to my needs/situation

* 23. If you answered disagree or strongly disagree to any of the above, we would greatly appreciate your comments on how we can improve.

* 24. Additional comments:

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