* 1. Who is the patron saint of pastry chefs?

* 2. Profiteroles, also known as cream puffs, are made of an airy pastry puffed with cream. What is this airy pastry called?

* 3. Flour from which grain is used to make traditional pumpernickel?

* 4. What does it mean to “blanch” a vegetable?

* 5. What is the hottest part of a chili pepper?

* 6. What was the first (widely available) commercial cookie in the United States?

* 7. Which of the following is a real food?

* 8. Which are the herbs, which are the spices?

* 9. Semolina is a type of:

* 10. How long can perishable foods be kept at room temperature?

* 11. Which of the following is not a type of pasta?

* 12. The main ingredient of the British Jaffa Cake is:

* 13. What does it mean to bias-slice a food?

* 14. Which term means to peel the skin off a vegetable?

* 15. Under what circumstances would a demitasse spoon be used?

* 16. What is the term given to the liquid butter used as a dip for seafood?

* 17. How many cups are in a gallon?

* 18. What is a chinois?

* 19. True or false?

* 20. True or false?

* 21. True or false?

* 22. True or false?

* 23. Extra credit: A Bakewell Tart is an English cake consisting of a shortcrust party, a layer of jam and what type of filling?

Scoring: Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer.
Give yourself one point for each correct answer
1. Saint Honoré
2. Choux
3. Rye
4. Immerse it for a short time in boiling water
5. Inner membrane
6. Animal Cracker in 1902
7. Salzburger Nockerl: a sweet Austrian dessert soufflé. (Spoo is a tasty snack in Babylon 5, gagh is a Klingon delicacy in Star Trek, and lembas is a type of bread made by elves in Lord of the Rings.)
8. One point each. 1. Fennel is a herb; 2. anise is a spice; 3. clove is a spice; 4. lemongrass is an herb; 5. cardamom is a spice; 6. marjoram is an herb.
9. Flour
10. 2 hours
11. Fantoccini is another name for a marionette puppet.
12. Orange juice
13. Slice it crosswise at a 45-degree angle
14. Pare
15. Stirring sugar into tea or coffee
16. Drawn butter
17. 16
18. A type of strainer
19. True
20. False
21. False
22. True
23. Almond filling
How did you do?
20 to 28 points: Executive chef. Congratulations! You know how to cook and what the ingredients are. As a prize, take yourself out to dinner.
11 to 19 points: Sous chef. Good job! Keep reading the Table section and keep cooking.
1 to 10 points: Cooking school student. You’re not quite ready to open your own restaurant — but you’re probably great at ordering in.