Rising Leaders Program Information & Application

Conference Rising Leaders Program – Idaho Nonprofit Center

Purpose: To identify and support rising leaders through education, development and mentorship. 

This program is a commitment to attend regional conference 2022 at a subsidized cost. Your time consists of participation and learning, then after, you will have a one-on-one with our CEO, Kevin Bailey who will pair you with another leader in the community who can provide further mentorship.

In addition, all participants will be asked to complete follow-up surveys upon program completion.

Timeline:  Applications will be open until early 2022 and we will contact those selected in Feb. 2022.

Requirements:  Applicants must be nominated by a board member and/or their supervisor and must demonstrate leadership potential. All applicants must complete this application and upload a letter of interest. The nominator must also complete a brief application and write a letter of support. There is no age or educational attainment requirement. 

Time Commitment: This is a one-year commitment for all accepted applicants. They must attend Regional Conference 2022. Rising Leaders will then schedule a one-on-one with our CEO Kevin Bailey who will pair them with a leader in the community.

Cost to participate: FREE! Participants will receive a promo code to register for Regional Conference at no cost.

Number of participants: We are limiting the number of participants in this program to 15.  

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