* 1. Workshop You Attended:

* 2. Please provide your overall satisfaction with the Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting E-Rate Workshop for Applicants:

* 3. Please provide your opinion on the overall length of the workshop.

* 4. How well did this workshop meet your needs and expectations?

* 5. Please rank the helpfulness to you of the following workshop sessions/materials:

  Very Helpful - Will use a lot Moderately Helpful No Opinion Interesting but won't use Not Useful - Will not use
E-Rate Acronyms & Terms
Eligible Services 
RFP Questionnaire Process
Managing C2 Budgets
Invoicing & Reimbursements
How's & Why's of Competitive Bidding
EPC Tips & Tricks 
KS Client Portal Overview
OUSF New Rule Review
Handouts & Slides

* 6. How knowledgeable in the course content were your instructors?

* 7. How well-organized were the instructors?

* 8. How clearly was the information presented at this workshop?

* 9. How effectively did the instructors encourage participation?

* 10. How effectively did instructors use available time?

* 11. The training environment was conducive to learning.

* 12. How pleased were you with the quality of the food, drinks and amenities offered at the workshop?

* 13. How pleased were you with the quality of audio and wifi in the room?

* 14. Please rank the following tools provided by Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting for our client schools and libraries:

  I use this all the time - Great! Somewhat Useful No Opinion Rarely use I don't use this
E-rate 470 - erate470.com
KSLLC website - kelloggllc.com
KS Client Portal - portal.erate470.com
Online Chat (provide support)

* 15. The best features of the workshop were:

* 16. What suggestions do you have for improving this workshop?

* 17. Other comments for future trainings and workshops including subjects to cover and locations.

* 18.
Consent & Release:
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