We value your opinion, this is your opportunity to be heard.

We value your opinion, this is your opportunity to be heard.

* 1. My school provides textbooks and learning materials to meet the needs of all students.

* 2. My teacher talks to me about how I can improve my academic progress.

* 3. I look forward to coming to school each day.

* 4. My teacher calls or writes my parents/guardian when I am having trouble learning.

* 5. During the school year, I learn about each of the following subjects:
Mark all that apply.

* 6. I use computers/technology in my classroom.

* 7. My teacher or principal has talked about how the school will teach the Common Core State Standards.

* 8. Common Core State Standards are being taught to all students at my school.

* 9. My school prepares students for future college or career paths.

* 10. English language learners are being taught to speak, read, and write in English as quickly as possible.

* 11. My parent feels welcome when visiting my school.

* 12. I feel safe at school.

* 13. My school contacts my parents/guardian if I am often late to school or absent.

* 14. My teacher tells my parents how they can help me at home.

* 15. The principal and other administrators visit my classroom to see how well the students are learning.

* 16. When students have a problem with one another, it is taken care of quickly.

* 17. I have learned to say no to drugs and alcohol.

* 18. My school offers after school and summer school.

* 19. My school is clean, safe, and in good condition (such as the bathrooms and drinking fountains.)

* 20. I have internet access at home?

* 21. I have a computer or other device to complete homework at home?

* 22. What school do you attend?

* 23. What is one thing the school could do to help you better achieve all of your learning goals? (250 characters max)