Council is seeking community feedback in regards to a potential technology project.  The concept is to create a space in Julia Creek with a high speed internet connection that would be available to use by individuals, businesses and students.  The space could be equipped with computers, video conferencing facilities, study cubicles and other new technologies creating a digitally innovative Smart Hub.  Council is seeking feedback in regards to your current technology position and the potential for such a project.

* 1. Do you identify as:

* 2. Please identify your age bracket:

* 3. What type of internet do you mainly use?

* 4. What type of devices to you use regularly?

* 5. What storage devices do you most use?

* 6. What do you use the internet for mostly?

* 7. Have you utilized/experienced any of the following technologies before?

* 8. Would you consider attending digital literacy workshops/education/webinars sessions on the abovementioned technologies?

* 9. Would you use the Smart Hub for

* 10. With access to high speed internet would you consider:

* 11. Access to the facility - what time of day would best suit your needs?

* 12. Would you consider paying a fee to access the Smart Hub?

* 13. Do you have any particular computing/digital skills that you would consider sharing in either a formal or informal lesson?
Please detail:

* 14. Do you have any general comments/feedback in relation to this potential project?