Public Perception of Media Portrayals of Violence

Welcome to our survey! We are conducting research on how different media portrayals can influence public understanding and reaction to violent events. Your responses will contribute valuable insights into the relationship between media language, perpetrator identity, and societal narratives.
1.What is the highest level of education you have completed?
2.How often do you consume news media?
3.What are your primary sources for news?
4.In your opinion, does the identity of a perpetrator (e.g., race, religion, mental health status) influence how the media reports on violent incidents?
5.To what extent do you believe that media portrayal affects public sympathy or condemnation towards the perpetrator?
6.Think of a recent violent event reported in the media. Describe how the perpetrator was portrayed.
7.Did the language used in the previous report affect your perception of the event?
8.Do you think media portrayals of violence have an impact on public policy?
9.What responsibility should media have in reporting violent incidents?
10.What changes would you like to see in the way media reports on violent incidents?