I am thinking about setting up a service to help young men (aged 10 -21 years) in the Transition to Man.

Traditionally, young men have been exposed at an early age to what society has perceived to be masculinity. Young boys are told to ‘be a man’, stop being a sissy’, ‘harden up’ and ‘stop crying’….. Upon entering school these boys have this message reiterated by peers who will seek out perceived weaker individuals and remind them of what it means to be a man.

As time goes on these boy’s start to reduce their ability to show emotion and many move into a condition of ‘A-Lex-Thymia; the inability to express emotion and empathy. This leads to isolation, depression and then the internal conflict is expressed in violence. (Joe Ehrmann).

Steve Biddulph, the author of Raising Boys and Manhood discusses the three phases of a boys upbringing:

·         0-6: Fully reliant on Mum;

·         6-12: Reliant on dad to learn what it means to be a man; and

·         12+: Requires an array of male representation, mentors and coaches to transition from boyhood to manhood.

With the later diminishing in a world of lessening connection there is a space in this transition and very few places boys can go to learn the key elements of masculinity or have a male role model to guide them through this rite of passage.

Welcome Transition to Man