What gym do you belong to?

* 1. What gym do you belong to?

* 2. Why did you choose that gym? If price/convenience were the main reasons, what other secondary reasons influenced your choice?

* 3. What do you think is the public perception/reputation of your gym?

* 4. What other gyms have you heard about that have a distinct reputation (and what have you heard about them)?

* 5. What is the most annoying thing about your gym?

* 6. What do you love most about your gym?

* 7. What are the little details about a gym that make a positive difference for you (e.g. good quality towels, etc)?

* 8. If your gym offered nutritional services, either online or in-person, would you use this service? Why or why not?

* 9. In general, how would you describe the type of people who go to your gym? Do you like the 'vibe'?