The shortage of ADHD medications should be ending due to an increase in quota's allowed by the Drug Enforcement Agency. But we want to be very certain that it has really ended. Please take a quick moment to fill out the survey and let us know what your experience is in getting your ADHD prescription filled in the last month. Please do not go back before June 1st in reporting any problems.

* 1. Tell us what city and state you live in.

* 2. Have you experienced difficulty in getting your ADHD medication in the month of June?

* 3. What medication do you normally take for the treatment of your ADHD?

* 4. Are you taking a name brand version of the medication?

* 5. What is the normal dosage of your medication?

* 6. In June did you receive a full 30 day supply of medication?

* 7. How many pharmacies did you contact to get your prescription filled?

* 8. What else would you like us to know?

Thank you! Your information will help CHADD to advocate more effectively. We will keep you informed of the results and our meetings with key policy makers addressing the drug shortages.