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Express your interest in signing-up for Wellness Mentoring with Miss Lauren.

This program is designed to offer one on one mentoring for students who may find themselves feeling overwhelmed, in need of guidance or support, or wanting a more in-depth regular check in. These sessions will be individualized to focus on specific needs for each student and will include an email update to the parents after each check in. This is a great way for parents to maintain regular communication with Miss Lauren about how their child is doing while also offering each student a safe space to express concerns or issues they may be facing. Miss Lauren will work with the student, parents and other faculty to make sure that the needs of your child are being addressed on a personal level that will ultimately help them feel more empowered in every aspect of their life.

Standard-Plan - $100.00
Your student will have FIVE one-on-one sessions, each 15 min., scheduled every other week throughout the fall semester. The $100 fee can be paid in full at the front desk or rolled into your existing payment plan. Available to Levels 4 and up.

Accelerated-Plan - $200.00
Those students who desire more results, and/or need more accountability, can enroll in the accelerated plan. Your dancer will have TEN one-on-one sessions, meeting nearly every week throughout the fall semester. The $200 fee can be paid in full at the front desk or rolled into your existing payment plan. Recommended for dancers in Level 4 and up who need a greater level of guidance and accountability.

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* 1. What is your student's name?

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* 2. Is your student interested in the STANDARD or the ACCELERATED plan?

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* 3. Please explain any areas of concern that your student regularly struggles with, and/or goals that you would like Miss Lauren to specifically focus on.

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* 4. Miss Lauren will primarily be scheduling Wellness Mentoring at the beginning of the ballet day, immediately before classes start for the day, and on academic morning breaks. Please indicate below which days of the week are best for you.

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* 5. Thanks! Once we have the final academic schedule and ballet schedule we will work with you to begin assigning time slots for this semester. We will be sure to work around your Personalized Flexibility Coaching and Private Lesson schedule (if applicable).

Do you have any additional scheduling information to share with us?

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