Walking the Way Stewardship Program

In 2014, the Saint Paul's Stewardship Committee chose to use a stewardship program developed by The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) designed to help people grow in their relationship with Christ through the gifts God has entrusted to them.  The six-week program included bulletin inserts; a letter from Father Kittelson, a letter from Tim Earle, Senior Warden; a letter from the Stewardship Committe;  a newly designed pledge card; prayers of the people written by members of our parish and specific to Saint Paul's; weekly reflections by both lay and clergy members and a thank you letter.  We also included a "Time and Talent" Sunday as well as ending the campaign with our pledge in-gathering and a pot luck lunch.

We hope that you will take the time to provide feedback to the Stewardship Committee about this program.  All answers and comments will be anonymous.  "Feedback is a Gift." 

Saint Paul's Stewardship Committee

* 1. The Walking the Way series changed how I think about about stewardship.

* 2. The Walking The Way reflections read and discussed at sermon time were enlightening.

* 3. The Walking the Way series encouraged my attendance at church services.

* 4. Signing up for St. Paul's ministries was a more meaningful experience than in the past. 

* 5. The Walking the Way series has made me consider intentional giving (pledging) as a spiritual discipline or practice.

* 6. The Walking the Way reflections were posted on the Saint Paul's Facebook page each week. Facebook allowed me to keep up with the weekly reflections when I was not able to be at church.

* 7. If you did not have a participatory role in the service would you like to take part in future stewardship programs?

* 8. How may the Stewardship committee better serve the needs of St. Paul's?

* 9. We should continue to do more educational series like Walking the Way.

* 10. If you wish to provide your name, you may.  If you wish to remain anonymous, you do not need to complete the following section.