* 1. Which sort(s) of music do you write/create?

* 2. What Programs/Instruments most influence you're creation? (pick the main 3)

* 3. Do you have an opinion on your own music, and if so, what?

* 4. How do you come up with Melodies, drum lines and other parts of music?

* 5. Do you have a particular habit that helps you be creative/inspires you?

* 6. How did you originally get into writing music?

* 7. Do you listen to music from other artists, and if so, who?

* 8. Do you have a place online or elsewhere (eg. youtube, a forum, at a convention, gigs) where you display/demonstrate your music, and if so, where?

* 9. Do you get other people's feedback on your music, and do you act upon this feedback?

* 10. Do you compose a song in one go, or do it over a longer period of time?

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