Section One - Sociodemographics

Dear NAHN Member - Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The NAHN Policy Committee will compile and present information from this survey at a pre-conference workshop to be held in conjunction with the 41st Annual Conference of NAHN. Data will also be shared with NAHN's leadership in order to create and adjust NAHN strategies, programs and services so that they better serve the membership of NAHN. Thanks for your participation!

* 1. Sex

* 2. Ethnicity

* 3. NAHN Membership Status

* 4. NAHN Member: Number of Years

* 5. Age

* 6. Highest level of nursing education completed

* 7. Are you currently a student PRESENTLY enrolled in a program?

* 8. Employment Setting: Primary Position

* 9. Salary (estimate your salary from 2015)

* 10. Licensure/Certification (You may select more than one box)

* 11. Average Hours Worked Per Week (nursing care)