Transportation Advisor Board

The Transportation Advisory Board of the City of Tulsa values your input into helping us better understand how Tulsa's transportation systems impact you in your daily travels between home, job and other activities and what you believe is priority for the city's transportation. Simply follow the instructions below. Your participation in this survey is voluntary and your answers will be completely confidential. Thank you for your time and participation.

* 1. In a typical week, which of the following forms of transportation do you primarily use? (Select one)

* 2. When you do not travel by your typical means of transportation, what do you choose as a second means of travel? (Select one)

* 3. If you drive alone to work, what are your main reasons for doing so? (Select up to three)

* 4. If you do not ride a bus, why not? (Select up to three)

* 5. If you were to choose an alternative transportation mode, what would motivate you to do so? (Select up to three)

* 6. Which of these characteristics would be most important in your decision to use public transportation service? (Select one that most applies)

* 7. What do you believe is a priority for Tulsa's investment in transportation? (Rank 1-5 with one being top priority)

* 8. How likely are you to support the following funding methods for transportation and road improvements? (Select only one for each category)

  Very Likely Likely Somewhat likely Not Likely No Opinion
Sales Tax
Gas Tax
Property Tax
Other ______

* 9. Please tell us what you see as the biggest transportation problem facing Tulsa today.

* 10. What is your postal zip code where you reside?

* 11. To better know our survey demographics, we would appreciate it if you would identify your age range.

* 12. What Council District do you live in: ( still not sure click on the question)