Home Treatments For Vitiligo

Hi there,

Vitiligo Research Foundation is a longstanding supporter of a home-based phototherapy concept, which provides great results at a fraction of the cost of clinic-based phototherapy.

By taking a little time to fill in this 5 minute questionnaire, you can help us to vastly improve outcomes for vitiligo patients. Your responses will help us facilitate collaboration between scientists and industry, and ultimately to develop new devices and therapies.

This questionnaire is completely anonymous; we take your privacy seriously

Please try to answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge.


* 1. Where do you reside?

* 2. Who primarily helps to manage your vitiligo?

* 3. Has your vitiligo been active lately?

* 4. How would you characterize the severity of your vitiligo?  

* 5. Which therapies do you use today to treat vitiligo?  Please check all that apply.

* 6. How much do you spend annually to treat vitiligo out-of-pocket?

* 7. How satisfied are you with your current therapy and management of vitiligo?

* 8. How familiar are you with UVB light therapy for vitiligo?

25% of survey complete.