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* 1. Do you currently use TeleNav GPS Navigator, AT&T Navigator or Sprint Navigation on one of the following BlackBerry devices: Bold or Tour?

* 2. Do you currently have a paid subscription (or included with your data plan) to TeleNav GPS Navigator, AT&T Navigator or Sprint Navigation?

* 3. How long have you been a subscriber?

* 4. Do you currently live in the Seattle or San Jose area?

* 5. If so, are you able to attend a kick off event on the evening of January 21st (if in Seattle) or February 3rd (if in San Jose)?

* 6. Would you be willing to provide feedback on our products in exchange for exclusive access to unreleased versions of our service?

* 7. How many times per month would you say you use our service?

* 8. If you are currently a subscriber, what is your favorite feature? Why?

* 9. What do you think the service could do better? What kind of improvements would you like to see?

* 10. Please fill out the following contact information.