Saint Matthew 2017 Fun Run

Thank you for participating in Saint Matthew Lutheran Church's first annual fun run to benefit the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry. We collected over 250 items, $315 via raffle, 50-50, and race day donations. A total accounting of the events financial donation to Loaves and Fishes will be announced in the near future.  All in all, this was a successful first year.  However, we were not perfect.  The committee would like to learn from our mistakes, so that next year will be an even bigger success.  Your participation in the survey would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time!

Evangelism Committee (Barbara, Nicole, Dave, Diane, Gary, Diane, Janice, Mike, Pastor Richard)

* 1. How did you participate in this event?

* 2. Was this your first fun run?

* 3. How did you hear about this event?

* 4. Would you attend next years Fun Run?

* 5. Please rate your satisfaction with the following pre-race experiences.

  Poor Average Great N/A
Pre-event Email Communication
Online Registration Process 
Shirt Ordering Process
Pre-event Facebook Communication

* 6. Please rate your experience with Fun Run day experiences.

  Poor Average Great N/A
Finding Saint Matthew Church
Shirt pick up
50-50 purchasing
Raffle purchasing
Donation drop off
Warm up
Availability of Rest Rooms
Volunteer interaction
Start of the Race
Race Course
Race Finish
Race Shirts
Post Run Food 
MyGym instructor
MyGym Session
Police Office Demo

* 7. Please share comments/suggestions that we can use in the future to provide participants with the best fun run experience.

* 8. Are you a member of the Saint Matthew Lutheran Church?

* 9. Did you participate as a volunteer?