Employment/Jobs Survey for People with Down Syndrome by Dr. Libby Kumin

There is currently no information available on employment and unemployment status for adults with Down syndrome. The purpose of this survey is to begin to collect that information. The survey is designed for parents and their adult children with Down syndrome, ages 18-50 years old. It is important for you to fill out and return this survey whether you are working in paid or volunteer jobs, not currently working, or are in a training program to prepare you for jobs.

We need to know how many people with Down syndrome are employed and how many are unemployed. Without information, it is difficult to document that there is a need for funding or new initiatives.If the data shows that there is a need, we can all move ahead to develop more jobs and a variety of job possibilities.

Please post the link on list servers and put the information in your newsletters so that people will know about the survey. Everyone's response is important.

There are no names required, and all information is confidential. When you sign on and complete the survey, you consent to the information being used for research and educational purposes. Thank you for completing the survey. I look forward to reading your response.

Libby Kumin