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The feasibility of living without a car depends partly on how close you are to the places you frequently go. Knowing the destinations people visit most often in their everyday lives will help us: 1) assign a "carfree viability rating" to an existing or proposed neighborhood, and 2) design successful new carfree places.

This survey contains only one question -- and marking the boxes for the answer will take only about 5 minutes.

Many thanks for your participation!

* 1. Indicate how many times per month you go to the following destinations.

Include trips you make to take children or older adults to their destinations. Exclude non-commute trips made as part of your job.

* 2. And now a little information about you, to help interpret the data.

* 3. Gender:

* 4. If you live in the USA, please enter your

* 5. Otherwise, please enter your

* 6. What is your occupation?

* 7. Enter the number of people in your household in the following age categories:

* 8. Annual household income (optional)
Use your adjusted gross income.
No punctuation ($,.)

* 9. What is the racial or ethnic mix in your household? (optional)
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