Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Please share your thoughts on women's leadership, professional learning and development, and your own leadership capabilities and style by answering the following questions. All responses will be held in strictest confidence.

Please note that this survey has been designed to be completed by Women.

* 1. The following are characteristics of effective leaders. Select the FIVE that you believe are the most important.

* 2. Which of the following do you agree with? (Select ONE)

* 3. Independent of my job title, I am a leader in my organization.

* 4. I seek out leadership opportunities.

* 5. I actively pursue learning and professional growth opportunities.

* 6. The following professional development opportunities are available to me.

  Available Have Pursued Would Like to Pursue
Academic Degree/Certificate Programs
Professional Workshops, Seminars
Association Memberships
Corporate Training Programs
Leadership Development
Mentor and/or Coach
Personal/Professional Networking

* 7. I think strategically about my career.

* 8. I have a professional development plan that supports my growth as a leader.

* 9. I confidently take the initiative on my own behalf.

* 10. I am comfortable exercising my own authority.

* 11. My organization recognizes and rewards leadership.

* 12. I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, values and motivation.

* 13. I know what matters most to me and what I do supports those priorities.

* 14. I maintain a healthy balance between the Personal Me and the Professional Me.

* 15. Being a successful woman in business means:

* 16. My three top strengths are:

* 17. Three areas for potential growth and development are:

* 18. I am aware of the choices and tradeoffs I make in order to be successful in business.

* 19. My biggest professional challenge right now is:

* 20. I believe my professional opportunities are limitless.

* 21. Identify your top THREE priorities from the list below in answering the following question.

When I reflect on where I am today, I think I would like to:

* 22. How old are you?

* 23. Where are you in your organization?

* 24. How large is your organization?

* 25. I live in:

* 26. I work in:

* 27. I would like more information on this and other topics related to professional development for women.