Town Survey Regarding Gating Belleview

The Town of Bow Mar has undertaken the review of a One Gate on Belleview approach to dealing with the traffic issue. At our meeting in September, a cost proposal and legal assessment were presented.

In case you missed it, the legal presentation is available on the Town website. The legal presentation noted that the Town of Bow Mar has broad authority to install traffic calming measures, including gates/limiting access.

Important Items of Note:
1. The town is exploring gates on Belleview ONLY for the entrance and exiting of the town.
2. The gates would be RFID and all town residents will have access.
3. The date would initially only be in use Monday to Friday during school/rush hours. From 6-9 am and 4-7pm each day.
4. The gates on Belleview would coincide with the sidewalks being installed on Berry.
5. The town will monitor via third party the traffic flows at the other entrances to the town.  The  town will work to mitigate any changes brought about by the gate on Belleview.
6. There will be keypad at the gate for visitors and contractors entering the town when the gates are active.
7.  All Fire, Police and EMTs will be provided with the RFID chips for the gates.
8.  Estimated Costs to install gates: $325,000
9.  Estimated Annual Maintenance cost: Approx $15,000

Question Title

* 1. Do you support the installation of gates on Belleview based on the information provided above?

Question Title

* 2. Do you support putting this to a town vote based on this survey?