1. Introduction

The European Working Time directive 2003/88/EC has lead to decreased working times of physicians. As the workload did not decrease in parallel, this has often resulted in an increase of employed residents per hospital. Today, a stable amount of neurosurgical training procedures are typically shared among more residents. It is suspected that today’s residents gain less surgical experience during their residency. However, there is no data to document a decrease in the surgical exposure during residency over the last years.
The two objectives of this survey are:
1) To collect actual numbers pertaining to the number of surgical procedures performed by neurosurgical residents until the time of board certification in Europe
2) To analyze the dynamics of this number across Europe over the years
What we ask from you:
This is a survey among former European neurosurgery residents. We will ask you to provide some basic demographic information (age, sex, country in Europe where trained, year of board-certification), as well as the number of operations performed until the end of your residency (board examination), stratified into
a) performed without supervision,
b) performed under supervision or
c) assisted.
What we offer to you:
Every participant who gives his/her data will be “collaborator of the EANS Young Neurosurgeons (YN) and Training Committee (TC)”, and his/her full name will be listed in the appendix and indexed in pubmed, unless the participant prefers to remain anonymous.

Please note: All analyses will be performed anonymously. Other as for indexing purposes, the participant's name will not be displayed, and in particular there will be no individual data presented.

Question Title

* 1. Do you wish your full name to be displayed in the appendix of the publication as “collaborator of the EANS YN and TC”, similarly indexed in pubmed?

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