*Survey closes Friday 25th August 2023* 

The Allergen Bureau is commissioning a food industry survey to gain insight into products which have a Precautionary Allergen Labelling (PAL) statement and have undergone a quantitative allergen risk assessment process. The aim of the survey is to assess the likely impact of a shift to Eliciting Dose (ED)05-based Reference Doses, across various food categories, by quantifying positively impacted labelling outcomes for the consumer (PAL is removed). Further, the survey aims to determine the factors that impact on products which have no change to a PAL statement after applying ED05-based Reference Doses.

Eligibility for participation:
  • retail-ready products with PAL statements
  • use of thresholds (Action Levels) based on a quantitative allergen risk assessment (e.g. the VITAL Program) to inform the labelling decision
Survey Responses
Please complete the survey using as many products as possible from your organisation. The survey can be completed online, or contact us directly to collect the data. 

Survey Analysis
Pooled, de-identified data will be analyzed to assess the effect of changing PAL thresholds (Action Levels) to higher levels (ED01 to ED05) in line with recent report from the Ad hoc Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Risk Assessment of Food Allergens which recommended basing Action Levels on Eliciting Dose.

Survey Results
Results and conclusions from the analysis of this survey will be published and publicly available via the Allergen Bureau. Please note that all product and company information is de-identified and will not be reported in this analysis.

For questions or support to complete this survey, please contact info@allergenbureau.net

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