Thank you for your interest in applying for a booth at the Seattle Unique Boutique! We represent a collection of unique, interesting, odd, and otherwise magnificent craftspeople, artists, and healers.

Application acceptance is immediate if items are 100% in line with SUB’s vision. For other vendors, booth acceptance notice is after the deadline passes.

Location: Albert Davis Park 12500 27th Ave NE, Seattle, Washington 98125
Date: September 30, 2017
Load-In/Setup Time: 7am-10am
Event Hours: 10am - 6pm
Vendors: 60-65 total
Cover: FREE
Electricity: None, and generators are not allowed
Canopies: Allowed, but no canopy walls allowed

Seattle Unique Boutique is a juried show. Vendors must pass a simple screening process to ensure their products meet the quality standards of the show, that their products aren't duplicated among other registered vendors, and that the show gets a variety of different vendors throughout the seasons/shows. 

Remember that the more information you provide us, the better chance you have of getting in. Show us what you're working with!

There is no fee to apply.

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* 1. Please Enter Your Contact Information:

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* 2. What are your Social Media / Online websites:

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* 3. Tell us about your social media reach. How many people can you reach through each type of social media?

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* 4. Show Us Your Work. The best way to get accepted into this show is by creating quality product, and showing it to us. If you don't have photos, you will not be accepted into the show. 

Please add URLs for photos. We ask for:
- 3-5 photos that demonstrate your product/work/services. Landscape layout is best, if possible. (required)
- 1-2 photos that demonstrate your booth setup (required, if available)
- 1 video, if applicable (optional)

If you do not have photos online to link to, you may send them in an email with your business name and "SUBAMF17" in the subject line, to

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* 5. Short business description. This is the text that will be on the website & Facebook to describe you & your business.

Please write in 3rd person (ex: "Michelle Ferris is an event organizer from Seattle. Her events are fabulously sparklified and everyone has a great time. She enjoys helping artists thrive.").

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* 6. Which Show Are You Applying For:

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* 7. FOR 9/30/17: What type of booth are you applying for? Please list in order of desired booth spaces.

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Some spots are on a slope. BRING SHIMS and BLOCKS/RISERS to ensure you are able to get steady footing and a level table, no matter where you are placed.

Your display items must remain within your booth's footprint.

By registering as a Seattle Unique Boutique vendor, you are giving us permission to use images of you and your artwork for this, and/or future events.

If you don't want to utilize the free advertising, you may opt out by emailing directly. If materials have already been printed, your opt-out will be valid after the next series of materials are printed.

Seattle Unique Boutique reserves the right to adjust booth assignments based on availability and unforeseen changes in the venue layout.

Parking can be challenging, so please make sure you bring a hand cart. Vendors are expected to bring everything they need, and clean up their area well. Pack it in, pack it out, please. Vendors who do not comply will not be asked to return.

With the way viral marketing is today, we all need to do our part to ensure the success of the show. Every time a vendor adds invites, it multiplies our reach. Every post that gets posted and is seen or shared makes a HUGE difference in overall turnout. Part of the reason I chose for this show to be this size was so that we can all benefit from each other's networks. Together, we'll make magic!

All vendors are REQUIRED to send invites to the event on Facebook and use full social media reach. Ability (and follow through) in online and in-person promotion is a factor for acceptance into the show. Posting on your Facebook timeline and in relevant Facebook groups is also recommended.

Booth fees are non-refundable. Only in the event that the park permit is cancelled will booth fees will be refunded.

By sending your application, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand all of the above. IF ACCEPTED, your booth payment is due immediately, to ensure you get the top pick in your booth location. Booths will be placed in order of payments coming in. Michelle Ferris will be in touch via email about your application and payment.

n/a. Deadline passed, but we are still accepting applications as long as this form is live.

Each vendor is responsible for collecting sales tax and paying appropriate taxes on their own. If no Seattle business license is in possession, a trade show permit can be obtained through Seattle Unique Boutique’s umbrella for a minimal fee ($5).

By initialing, I am acknowledging that I have read the entirety of the Important Event Information details above, understand them, and will adhere to its stipulations.


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This is an agreement between Seattle Unique Boutique, Seattle Gem & Mineral Show, and LIFE:FORMS Festival (“Show”) and the undersigned hereafter referred to as “Vendor” at the show(s) selected above on the agreement.


1) This agreement, when properly executed by Vendor and upon written acceptance by the Show, shall constitute a valid and binding agreement construed under the laws of the State of Washington. In signing this agreement, the Vendor acknowledges that there are no representations between SUB and the Vendor other than those contained in this agreement.

2) Show will assume no liability for the safety of the exhibits, the Vendors, or their employees from robbery, pilferage, damage by fire, accident, or any other causes. The Vendor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Show, the Show coordinator(s) and its volunteers harmless from and against all claims from the above mentioned space or in connection with the installation, operation or removal of their merchandise and/or equipment, or any other vendor activity while on Premises.

3) Vendor may not sublease or share their space unless written permission is obtained from Show fifteen (15) days prior to Show set up date, and Split Booth Fees are paid. Space privileges will be revoked immediately if this process is not followed.

4) No sales of merchandise/materials, or demonstrating of products will be allowed on the Premises except by authorized Vendors or Show approved participants. Others will be asked to leave.

5) Failure to occupy a Vendor space by the time the show opens will result in a loss of Show space and a forfeiture of Show fees.

6) Vendors shall have a representative present at all times at their booth during open Show hours.

7) Vendor agrees to acquire, or be in possession of, before the Show date all city, state or federal business tax and licenses and certifications for the purpose of selling retail, and agrees to pay the city, state or federal agencies all applicable taxes due from all sales made, or business transacted, at the Show. Show shall not be liable for the collection or payment of the aforementioned taxes and licenses.

8) Vendor agrees to assume all responsibility for any liabilities that might occur from the sales, or offering of sale, any product or service. Show shall be held harmless and not be liable for any damages that may arise as a result of this agreement.

9) The Vendor assumes all responsibility for compliance with all pertinent ordinances, regulations, and codes of duly authorized, local, state, and federal governing bodies concerning fire, safety and health, together with the rules and regulations of the operators and/or owners of the property wherein the show is held.

10) Show reserves the right to remove signs, printed matter, merchandise, and anything not in line with the Show vision.

By adding my name below, I hereby state that I have read the entirety of the agreement and details above, understand them, and will adhere to its stipulations.