For housing, health and social care professionals

This is a survey for H&SA (funded by NHS England) to enable housing, health and social care professionals that work with children with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour* (or their families) to provide information on housing issues.
* Definition of challenging behaviour from the CBF website: 'Challenging behaviour’ is how we talk about a range of behaviours which some people with severe learning disabilities may display to get needs met. Behaviours might be things like: Hurting others (e.g. hair pulling, hitting, head-butting), Self-injury (e.g. head banging, eye poking, hand biting), Destructive behaviours (e.g. throwing things, breaking furniture, tearing things up), Eating inedible objects  (e.g. cigarette butts, pen lids, bedding) or Other behaviours (e.g. spitting, smearing, repetitive rocking stripping off , running away). We have used the term ‘challenging behaviour’ because it is a commonly recognised term and for the purposes of developing this project, we need to be totally clear about what we are asking for. However, we recognise that behaviour that challenges the child, families and professionals is often about needs not being met for the child and so the table of ‘challenging behaviour’ can be inaccurate and unfair.