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Building off of Town Hall #1 and the survey that followed, this Town Hall #2 meeting seeks to further engage both the stakeholders of Historic Rippavilla and the residents of Spring Hill in evaluating conceptual site plans and development strategies proposed for the property. Feedback received by the planning team to date will be incorporated into a series of conceptual site plans that will illustrate how these ideas could be applied to the campus. This survey is completely voluntary and used only for the purpose of understanding general and desired use information on the Historic Rippavilla.  Neither your identity nor your specific response set provided below will be released to the public. Because this is completely voluntary you may choose to leave the survey at any time. Thank you for your participation.

As a reminder to all throughout this process, the master planning efforts for Rippavilla should take into account, and place emphasis on, the following time periods and cultural contributions.

Distinct Epochs in Time:
o Building the Plantation (1850-1860)
o War & Reconstruction (1860-1875)
o Agricultural Innovation & Return to Prosperity (1875-1920)
o Rippavilla enters the Modern Era (1920-1958)

Distinct Cultural Contributions:
o Unique Architecture of Rippavilla
o Rippavilla’s place in Civil War History
o Lives & contributions of those enslaved at Rippavilla
o Rippavilla’s place in agricultural history of U.S.
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