Each month, Polaris MEP polls the Rhode Island manufacturing community on timely topics. Just two questions each time, designed to check the pulse of the sector and ensure we're delivering the support you need.

It's been one year since the first COVID-19 cases were identified in Rhode Island. This month's "2-Q Poll" looks at where manufacturers continue to feel the impact of the pandemic. To help us inform policymakers and program funders, please answer the two questions below. 

All responses are aggregated and confidential. 

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* 1. Now one year from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which area of business is currently your greatest concern? (Pick primary area.)

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* 2. What does your company need for a faster recovery? (Can choose more than one)

Note: Please do not submit answers if you are not an active manufacturer in the state of Rhode Island. Thanks!

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