Rhode Island Bible Society Bible Request Form

The Rhode Island Bible Society is a division of the Rhode Island State Council of Churches.  Requests for Bibles are welcome from congregations and faith-based nonprofits.  Priority will be given to those congregations and organizations that have a relationship with the RISCC.  It is important that you tell us about the intended recipients of the Bibles and why they have a need for free Bibles.  Requested Bible may have some basic Bible study notes, but they must not favor a particular theological bias.

If you have questions please call 401-461-5558 or email RISCC@councilofchurchesri.org

Requests for Bibles are reviewed 4 times a year.  Requests for Bibles must be submitted by February 1st, May 1st, August 1st or November 1st. 

* 1. Name of congregation/organization requesting Bibles.

* 2. Mailing address of congregation/organization requesting Bibles.

* 3. Name of contact person.

* 4. Email for contact person.

* 5. Best phone number for contact person.

* 6. What is the Bible you are requesting?  Please provide as much specific information as possible, such as publisher, translation and language.

* 7. How many Bibles are you requesting?

* 8. Is there any other information that you think would be helpful to the committee as they review your request?