1. Please fill out the following information about the school or organization.

2. In which ward is your school or organization located? (If you're not sure, click here to view the ward maps.)

3. Please provide the name of the adult contact and their information.

4. Names and ages of participants:

5. Please provide a detailed description of your service or project.
What did you do?
Whom did you help?
Why did you do it?
What were the results?

Contest Rules:
    1. You must be 12 — 18 years of age.
    2. Service or project must have been performed in 2016
    3. You must be a Chicago resident.
Deadline: Entries must be returned by April 15, 2017..
Contest Sponsors:
    GO Airport Express
    Chicago Crusader
      DuSable Museum of African American History
        Chicago White Sox