The Town of Saint Andrews is doing an update of the 2010 Municipal Plan and Zoning Bylaw.  The Municipal Plan is a document that your Council uses to ensure they are making decisions that are in the public’s interest.  The Town is mandated by the Provincial Community Planning Act to do a review once every ten years.  This process is being led by a steering committee made up of town councilors, institutional representatives, and other members of the community, with planning assistance from the Southwest New Brunswick Regional Service Commission (SNBSC). 

In total, this is a two-year process. Throughout the next two years we will be looking to the community at large to ensure that the steering committee and SNBSC are on the right track.  There are several opportunities to be involved in this process and we are approaching the first one.If Saint Andrews is a ship sailing to a port over the horizon, the vision statement is that port.  The statement should encapsulate what Saint Andrews should be in 2030 and the rest of the plan will help us get there.  The vision is answering the question, “What should Saint Andrews be in 2030?”  The Saint Andrews Municipal Plan Update Steering Committee has created the following vision statement:

Saint Andrews will be a centre of education and marine science, a top year-round tourist destination, and a vibrant community for residents of all ages by protecting and promoting its natural environment, architectural heritage, and its recreational and cultural assets.

* 1. Do you agree with the general sentiment of the proposed vision statement?

* 2. If no, please provide your own vision.

* 3. Please check the one (1) area you think is most important for Saint Andrews to work on going forward. If something is missing, add your own to the list. 

* 4. Please explain your previous choice.

* 5. Do you have other comments about Saint Andrews’ future or its planning bylaws?

Thank you for taking the time to participate in shaping Saint Andrews future!  If you would like more information, have questions, or have concerns, a planner from SNBSC can be reached by email at or by phone from 8am-4pm at 506-466-3450. The current (2010) plan can be found on the Town’s website: