Creative economy and startup ecosystems are being nurtured by leaders - like you - all over the globe.  

Our acceleration programs - Creative Startups LABS pre-accelerator and Creative Startups Accelerator- provide entrepreneurs a learning community and process that propels them toward success. But launching an acceleration program is not an easy task. The first step is a deeper understanding of the needs of creatives and the available resources in your region.  

Creative Startups LABS is a 4-week program designed for creative entrepreneurs with an idea or a startup just getting off the ground. LABS provide entrepreneurs a strong foundation for understanding the opportunity and path toward success. LABS is an ideal acceleration program for regions with fewer than 3 million inhabitants or communities rich in arts, culture, and heritage.

Creative Startups Accelerator is an 8-week program built for creative companies determined to dramatically grow their venture, create jobs, wealth, and returns on investment. The Accelerator meets the needs of creatives who have proven the demand for their products but need to set a path toward global growth and impact. 

The short questionnaire below helps our team begin to understand your community's needs and how together we can build a program that will catalyze growth of your creative sectors and economy.  

Once you submit the questions, our team will reach out to you with suggestions on how you can build the creative economy in your region, and answer any questions you might have about launching a LABS or Accelerator with our team. Thanks for your work to accelerate creative entrepreneurs!    

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* 8. Which of the following resources does your region offer creative entrepreneurs? Select all that apply.

* 9. Name some of the creative economy organizations you currently partner with in your region.

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* 11. Can you identify 2 or 3 organizations that fund entrepreneurship and startups in your region?

* 12. What challenges do you foresee in launching an accelerator in your city?

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