* 1. What is your Kooikerhondje's gender?

* 2. Has your Kooiker been DNA tested for Von Willebrands Disease (VWD)?

* 3. Has your Kooiker been DNA tested for Necrotising Myelopathy (ENM)?

* 4. Has your Kooiker undergone any other health tests?

* 5. If 'Yes' what test and what was the result?

* 6. Has your Kooikerhondje been affected by any of the following health problems?

* 7. If your Kooikerhondje has shown temperament issues please select the type of behaviour shown.

* 8. If your Kooiker has had cancer, please specify the type (e.g. Lymphoma, Brain Tumour)
Please write 'Unknown' if cancer type was never identified.

* 9. Please state the current age of your Kooiker, or if he/she is deceased please state his/her age at the time of death and the cause.

* 10. Do you have any further information regarding the health of your Kooiker you feel may prove useful?